RYI Unity

RYIU is a deflationary frictionless yield aggregation protocol. For every buy or sell, there is a 1.75% tax which then gets dispersed to all RYIU holders. There is also a .25% automatic burn on every transaction. There is no staking or farming required. Just for owning RYIU Token you will receive rewards directly to your wallet. Effortless and frictionless yield aggregation. This mechanism also works on lending platforms, staking platforms, farming platforms. Reward mechanism allows investors to farm RYIU and receive dual rewards. The reward as well as the yield from RYIU. Thus maximizing their return on investment. Safe, secure and sustainable.

Unity Ventures

Unityventures $UV is a crosschain Automated Market Maker (AMM) connector that provides a decentralized Liquidity Tap for various tokens. $UV also serves as the governance token and store of value for our venture capital initiatives $UV will bring use case driven business developments which holders will directly benefit from. Utilizing innovative solutions to incorporate cryptocurrency within a particular use case. The revenue generated from our business endeavors will go to buying back $UV token in order to further decrease supply which increases demand. Additionally, the revenue will go to the further development of the company ensuring the success of not just the platform but the company itself.