In Greek mythology,
Metis was the Titan of
prudence, good counsel, planning,
advice, deep thought, craftiness
and wisdom.
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Elena Sinelnikova

Co-Founder & CEO

Solutions architect with 20 years of experience designing and implementing enterprise solutions for the Canadian government and Law Enforcement, Blockchain educator, Co-Founder of CryptoChicks, the world's largest female blockchain community with members spanning over 56 countries.

Kevin Liu

Co-Founder & Product Lead

Founder of Token Economy Institution. Researcher and practitioner of the Token Economy, DAO and the governance protocols. A serial startup entrepreneur.

Yuan Su

Co-Founder & Tech Lead

Veteran Ethereum developer. Involved in the framework design of the IBM Hyperledger project. OR expert.


Ralf P. Gerteis

Entrepreneur and Investor

Medha Parlikar

CTO and Co-Founder of CasperLabs


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