RYIU is a deflationary frictionless yield aggregation cryptocurrency and is the native digital asset for RYI Unity llc.
For every buy transaction there is a 1% tax which is equally distributed for Auto-Liquidity and Frictionless Yield. For sell there is a 2% tax
$RYIU has a Total Supply of 20 Million with a current Circulating supply of 20 million. There is a reserve wallet with 5.8 Million locked for future VC investors and CEX listings


Unityventures $UV is the native token for our DeFi platform Unitydefi. Which has premiere Web3 investor orientated features.
$UV also serves as our Governance token for UnityDAO and store of value for Unitydefi. Own your % of Unitydefi, the fastest developing DEX coming to many Blockchains
$UV has a Total Supply of 336.7k all in circulation



As in the case of other development areas of RYI Unity ecosystem, where we have dev free automated staking protocol (D-ASSS), we plan on continuing with the trend of making this addition as innovative as possible in order to give users the complete right and privileges to their assets wherever they are, whenever they want. Unitylending is a automated platform which gives you dividends as soon as you deposit assets in your crypto wallet without any delay whatsoever.

You will be able to connect to unitylending through Unitydefi or RYIPAY app when it is launched.

The $UV token is multi-functional: Being the utility token of Unitydefi which can perform cross-chain swaps and securing the ecosystem with its innovative buyback and staking protocol. With newly independent automatic buyback systems based on volume, the $UV token is able to keep stable and perform better than other coins during downward market trends. With our buyback and staking protocol, holders are incentivized to be diamond handed further securing the long-term success of the project.
UnityDefi is a crosschain Automated Market Maker (AMM) connector that provides a decentralized Liquidity Tap for various tokens. Our new Yield Platform that allows you to join staking pools to farm $UV, our very own token. We’ve prepared lots of features to protect your coins, avoid rug pulls, block whales from market manipulation and much more. And the best part?… We are a registered company and are here for the long haul!

RYI Unitys Decentralized Auto Self Staking Service (DASSS) Protocol provides a revolutionary approach to blockchain networks and operations. It is an advanced Multi-chain staking protocol which enables staking pool creation for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Its aim is to provide a secure, autonomous and efficient platform for unlimited staking pool creation for projects (crypto/NFT/LP). Put simply, DASSS makes it possible to perform transactions in a way that removes third-party interference while staying secure and anonymous.

Revolution Unity
The Revolution Unity (REVU) NFT market is a NEW and “very” different NFT Market that will grow into a substantial asset to the crypto space. REVU IS “evolutionary” because there is a comprehensive infrastructure development plan being implemented here.
RYI Unity’s new multi-chain approach allows for even greater interoperability within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, building bridges across various blockchain networks. RYI Unity’s multi-chain approach enables efficient transactions across different blockchains, making it easy for users to move assets between various networks quickly. The RYI Unity ecosystem’s multi-chain approach plans to offer enhanced scalability, providing faster performance and more transaction throughput and options for its users and community.

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