RYIU Token exhibits unique versatility within the crypto space with its adaptive smart contract functionalities. With its emphasis on scarcity and dividends, RYIU provides auto-matic dividends rewards directly to your wallet and has an auto-burn feature.

The deflationary nature of RYIU Token acts as an intrinsic value stabilizer, potentially leading to increased investor interest and market value over time through its auto-adjusting mechanisms.

Auto- Features
For every buy & sell transaction there is a 2 % tax which is currently distributed for Auto-Dividend Rewards,  Auto-Liquidity & Auto-Burn
Total Supply: 20 Million
Liquidity locked: FlokiFi Locker
Circulating Supply: 15.155.361Million
Team | Development | Staking: 1.8 Million
Private Investors | CEX Listings | Labs Listings: 2.5 Million
RYIU Token Address: 0x5Dc2085Fe510Bbaaba2119d71B09c25098caCa3F
RYIU Token Smart Contract Audit: ContractWolf | Smart Contract Audits

UV Token

Unityventures is our native utility token for Unityventures Decentralized Market. Unityventures introduces a Multi-Chain DEFI Platform with $UV token at its core. Unityventures acts as the governance token for UnityDAO. Allows token holders to participate in decision-making. Ensures a democratic and decentralized control structure
UV Token is the store of value for the Unityventures DEX. Can be used for trading and liquidity provision. Supports the DEX’s stability and liquidity. The most innovative and fastest developing decentralized market coming to many Blockchains
For every buy & sell transaction there is a 1% tax which is currently distributed for Auto-Liquidity and Burn
Total Supply: 336k
Circulating Supply: 336k
Liquidity locked: FlokiFi Locker
Token Address: 0xb3A95BdBe4AC65B0628db1E6600F71ed59b89255
UV Token Smart Contract Audit: https://sourcehat.com/audits/UnityVentures/
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