Roadmap 2024

RYI Unity 2024 roadmap is focused on providing innovative solutions with a primary emphasis on leading the market into advanced interopability user experiences. 

With our talented development team we have the ability to create and implement revolutionary applications which change the blockchain market for the better. 

Q 1.1

  • RYIPAY iOS & Android new UI/UX and compatible with one another.
  • POS25 integration scan and pay
  • New Staking Period Launched (6 Months)
  • DeFidash Bot Creation 
  • UnityConnect Launch Preperation for compatibility with all EVM chains

Q 1.2

  • DEFIDASH Subscription Integration
  • RYIU & UV Auto Burn Live
  • NativeToken Staking Pools launched
  • New Pro Features For DEFIDASH
  • UV CEX Listing
  • Unity GOV DCM Model Live
  • Unityventures V3 Launch
  • RPS Labs Partner Rewards Programs Integrations To Dapps
  • RYIPAY Browser Dapp Market

Q 1.3

  • Unityconnect Launch
  • Onboard dozens of EVM chains/integrate with UV platform & M-DASSS
  • Cross-Chain Promotion and new partner staking pools.
  • Optimize Base Chain dapp contruction and Optimism Network
  • Upgrade Cross-Chain Bridge

Q 2

  • Release Proposal For ‘Backed Token Assets’
  • Cronos Chain Integration 
  • Base Chain Full Scale Integration & Optimism Integration
  • Unityventures + M-DASSS Live on 20+ Chains
  • DEFIDASH Trading Bot Beta Launch
  • RYI Unity $RYIU Full Migration To Base Chain
  • Expand project's reach to new markets and regions

Q 3

  • Beginning of backing holders assets
  • Form Unity Foundation
  • DEFIDASH Advanced Trading Bot Alpha Launch
  • M-DASSS Live On Over 20+ Blockchains
  • Dubai Crypto Licenses Applied For 
  • Select Board Members
  • Establish Non-Profit (Unity Network)
  • Unityventures live on over 40 Top blockchains